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Just- WHY?!?!

Laurel could have evolved without this. Her family doesn’t need this after finally getting her back. This isn’t how I wanted my League of Assassins flashbacks. Felicity lost a friend and a figure. Fuck you Oliver, you get nothing from me. Jesus…what about Nyssa? Nyssa… I don’t want to think her father is responsible for this but… What would she do if he was?

If they can put time travel and metahumans in The Flash, then Nyssa can fucking put Sara in a Lazarus Pit.

This trend that’s taking place though? Seriously ugly shit. And all I have to say to show writers:

Arrow WIP

(Oh Night, Oh Night) This Memory of Eden Haunts Us All - foundation stage

White Was Never the Color Between Us - 60-75%

Don’t Be Aroused By My Confession - 70%

The Urban Twist - 40%

Wrestle With Your Darkness (Angels Call Your Name) : Supernatural (not the show) AU - not a damned clue how long its gonna be. Let’s call it 20%

Pulsars and Lighthouses : Space AU - ideas/foundation stage

White Lies : Costume Party AU - foundation stage

I know not what tidings the morrow brings : Medieval AU - idea stage

I’ll Rescue You (And If I Do You Gotta Rescue Me) : Pokémon AU Fusion - ideas/foundation stage

vampoof94 asked:

I'm writing the shark week fic you suggested. Sorry it isn't done yet. I wanted to write a fic for each day, just didn't have the ideas and things have been kinda crazy. Anyways. The fic WILL be done before the day ends! They will dive with sharks!

No problem, I totally get it. Do you have an AO3 account? I think you were the one that ‘prompted’ Felicity singing dirty songs, and I’m currently working on it (baring RL stuff I’m almost done) . Just wanna know for the gifting function more than anything.

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